Thursday, February 13, 2014

TempLS global temp up 0.04°C in January

TempLS showed a small rise in January, from 0.48°C to 0,52°C. The satellite TLT from UAH also showed a rise
Update: I'm also keeping the GHCN/ERSST stations worldview updated. It gives a more comprehensive view of temperatures in Jan and before.

Here is the spherical harmonics plot of the temperature distribution:

Warm in Central Asia, Arctic, including Alaska, and Europe. Cold in Eastern US, N Siberia. A markedly striped by latitude pattern.

Here is the map of the 4214 stations reporting to date:


  1. Nick - check your latest temp and ice page. Looks like templs there took a nosedive.


  2. Thanks, JCH,
    Yes, I did an early calc on 7 Feb, out of curiosity - too early to publish. But it seems my auto system updated anyway.

    I've forced a re-update (which would have happened in about 8 hours). Should show in a few minutes.

  3. Nick, have you thought about being able to show global trends, like e.g. this from GISTEMP?

    1. Carrick,
      Yes, I have a version of that here. I've been meaning to convert to WebGL and promote to a page. Again, it's done by station, with color interpolation. There's a discussion of associated anomaly issues here.