Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Links for Mann legal matters

I have been collecting links for various documents associated particularly with the current libel case of Mann vs CEI/NRO/Steyn. I've been arguing about that on the usual blogs (Lucia,CA,WUWT). I don't want to canvass the arguments here, but just to collect links to relevant documents. For case docs, I've tried to source the very good DC Slapp Law site linked above, partly because its pdf's are selectable.

So here is a table of links. I'll try to add to them over time.

Update. I searched for and copied the case index as at 25 Feb from the SC site. That copy is also linked (top line). Then I stripped down and numbered the calendar, which is in a frame at the bottom. I've shown the corresponding numbers in the links, where they correspond to an event in the calendar. If you click on them, the list in the lower frame will move to show the corresponding numbered item. That gives more info than my brief and informal tags.


  1. Your most recent date is "136 02/21/2014"
    What has been happening since then?

  2. That's the DC SC docket, with my numbering added. It's a snapshot, to which I added my reference numbers. Basically, very little has been happening at the SC; there is an interlocutory appeal. I've linked the appeal briefs at the end of the case docs section. There is one from Mann that I need to include. I believe the next dates for the appeal are in late November.