Latest Ice and Temperature data

Latest Sea Ice and Global Temperature contents:

Monthly Global temperature indices
Table: Latest Global Anomaly data
Report: Latest Monthly TempLS Report (mesh weighted)
Graph: Global Temperature indices - last five months
Graph: Global Temperature indices - last four years
Active Graph: Global Temperature indices - Also backtrends. Many user choices.
Daily Reanalysis Temperatures
Table: Recent days NCEP/NCAR reanalysis surface global average anomaly temperature
Active WebGL map: Recent days NCEP/NCAR reanalysis surface global average anomaly temperature
Active map and plot: Recent days NCEP/NCAR reanalysis regional Arctic temperatures
NH and SH Sea Ice data
Table: Latest Sea Ice Extent - JAXA, NSIDC NH, NSIDC SH
Active graph: Latest Sea Ice Extent - JAXA, NSIDC NH, NSIDC SH
Table: Log of recently downloaded data files

This automatically updated page has an embedded html window in which the numbers will appear. I check for data hourly. There is a log (bottom) which shows when data arrives, and also gives latest links.

Temperatures anomalies in the tables are as stated by the providers, with different anomaly bases. They have been converted to the same base (1981-2010) for plotting. The active plot has this common anomaly base

Sources and glossary:

Monthly global temperature anomaly data

Here is the latest global anomaly temperature data:

Here is the latest report from TempLS mesh weighted version:

Here are some plots of temperature indices in recent times, set to a common anomaly base (1981-2010)
Major temperature indices - last 5 months
Major temperature indices - last 4 years

Here is an active plotter for global temperature indices, set to a common anomaly base of 1981-2010. You can vary the selection of plot data with the checkboxes. The legend is active; you can choose to draw linear regression lines, or to smooth the curves. You can also choose a new color by clicking on the color square next to the name. You can drag, stretch etc the plot - details are in this post. Dragging in the plot area just translates the plots, but dragging below the x-axis stretches x, and similarly for y.

The plot also allows you to switch (toggle button "Trendback") to a mode which shows on the y-axis not the anomaly, but the trend from the x-axis time to the most recent data. All the same plotting facilities are there, except for regress.

Daily Reanalysis Temperature data

Here is the latest NCEP/NCAR reanalysis (see post) surface temperature (°C) anomaly area-weighted average for recent months, and for days of the current month. The anomaly base years 1994-2013. You can find here an updated zip file of the daily and monthly values since 1994, with a readme file.

Here is a WebGL active map of this year's daily temperature anomalies. It has the usual trackball facilities. To get a specific day, let the mouse hover over the colored squares on the right; each square is a day, and the text top right tells you where you are. Click when you have the day that you want. The black squares at the top will give you a month average map. Details are at this post.
Update I have added buttons above the date selector which allow flipping through consecutive days to make a kind of movie.

Here is a tool for looking at daily Arctic temperatures. It is described in a post here. There is a lat/lon rectangle that you can manoeuver, and then press the "plot new" button to see a plot for that region of daily average temperatures (not anomalies), along with the 1994-2013 average. The domain is initially set to the region N of 80°.

NH and SH Sea Ice data

Here is the latest Arctic sea ice extent data. You can choose from JAXA Arctic Ice Extent, or from NSIDC NH or SH:

Here is an active polar plot of the Jaxa Ice extent data. Units are million sq km. You can click on the current region circle to get a magnification, or on any sector to see that part expanded. Clicking on the legend marks the year in dark; clicking on the central picture makes it go away. Details here.


And here is a log of the most recent data files to be posted:



  1. Hi Nick,
    The NSIDC graphs for 2015 (both NH and SH) are missing, and the tabular values for 2015 are all "NA".
    Is this a result of the satellite problems that NSIDC had earlier this year, or..?

    1. Olof,
      No, it's a fault at my end. NSIDC produces annual files, so I keep an amalgamated copy of the old ones and merge that with the new one, now 2016. Somehow 2015 is falling through the cracks. I'll fix it.