Saturday, November 24, 2012

Climate data postings

For a couple of years I've been running a daily script to track new monthly temperature indices and also sea ice data. The script posts them on the data page.

I'm upgrading this - I now use wget to monitor the data sites. A by-product is that I have a listing of the times as posted by the source, and I thought I could add that to the site, newest first. I've put that table at the head of the list on the data page. Time zone is US Eastern (eg NY). Here's how it looks at the moment:

DateNameSize KbSource
Nov 22 08:56 GHCN V3 station temps 12196 source
Nov 20 13:53 HadCRUT 4 land/sea temp anomaly 209 source
Nov 20 00:59 NOAA land/sea temp anomaly 29 source
Nov 19 15:42 GISS land/sea temp anomaly 16 source
Nov 18 00:06 HADSST2 mean 4145 source
Nov 18 00:05 CRUTEM CRU global mean Station anomaly 30 source
Nov 09 07:48 UAH lower trop anomaly 65 source
Nov 05 12:58 RSS-MSU Lower trop anomaly 37 source
Nov 04 21:21 ERSST NOAA SST grid 3274 source

Indices are in black - spatial data (large) in brown. I can fairly easily add new sources to the list. I've chosen one representative file from each source, expecting that others of interest are likely to be posted at the same time. The list will be maintained on the data page. I also plan to post a history file (when there is some history). Some sources like GISS update their monthly postings frequently, so the date you see here may not be the first posting for the month.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

October GISS Temp up 0.08°C

The GISS land/sea monthly anomaly rose from 0.61°C September to 0.69°C in October. This came out just as I posted TempLS, which was unusually early in the month for GISS. Furthermore, GHCN is rather tardy in its posting, so there are fewer stations than usual for the time of the month. TempLS went down by 0.02°C from September. Time series and graphs are shown here

As usual, I compare the previously posted TempLS distribution to the GISS plot.

Here is GISS:

And here is the previous TempLS spherical harmonics plot:


Previous Months

December 2011
August 2011

More data and plots

October TempLS Global Temp down 0.02°C

The TempLS analysis, based on GHCNV3 land temperatures and the ERSST sea temps, showed a monthly average of 0.52°C for October, down from 0.54 °C in September. There are more details at the latest temperature data page.

Below is the graph (lat/lon) of temperature distribution for October. I've also included a count and map of the stations that have reported to this date.

This spherical harmonics plot is done with the GISS colors and temperature intervals, and as usual I'll post a comparison when GISS comes out.

And here, from the data page, is the plot of the major indices for the last four months:

Here is the map of 3514 "stations" which contributed to this report. Reporting seems to be slow this month - there are about 500 less than usual for this time.