Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas - and a new gallery

To all, I wish you happy holidays, and a viable New Year.

My favorite blogging opportunity this year was being able to mess around with Javascript and scientific graphics. It's colorful, but I hope that it does convey a lot of information in a fairly small space. Anyway that's the aim.

So I've overhauled the gallery of examples during the year that I maintain. It's no longer practical to have these all on one page, so I've made separate pages, with a tableau of images you can click on to reach them. The gallery is here, but I'm showing the tableau below.

Temperature shown with HTML5 canvas

Google maps view of temperature stations

Monthly temperatures - spherical hamonics

Millenium proxy plots

Surface Temperature Trends

Statistically significant warming

SST and model trends

Foster and Rahmstorf adjusted trends

KML and KMZ files

Significant trend differences in temperature indices

Jaxa Arctic Ice Extent

Javascript topic index

Finally, I guess I should provide something Christmassy. Here's Enya:

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  1. Happy holidays and thanks again for these awesome graphs!