Sunday, May 31, 2015

GWPF submission

Last month, I posted (here and here) about a GWPF call for submissions on temperature adjustments. I included a hasty draft, which people were kind enough to comment on. I hope I've incorporated most of those suggestions in this update. I have edited for sobriety and brevity, and shortened the blogpost inclusions. I have added a list of references. I have left the in-line links, because I doubt that many readers will have a paper-only copy; there is a list of urls at the end.

I'm planning to submit it within the next few days, unless readers think further improvement is required.

 Update - I have sent it with the correction noted in comments.


  1. Typo.
    search for hsows (under General Remarks)

    I wish I had more time to yank those morons's chains...

    Keep up the great effort....

  2. I read the first bit moderately carefully and then skimmed. It looks much better.

    I'm not sure its worth the effort, but you've at least given them the chance to do well; lets hope they take it.

    1. Thanks, William,
      Your comments there were very helpful.