Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Historic progress of temperature records

2014 as a record warm year has been in the news lately. I made plots of the progress of the current "record year" in each of the usual datasets (as plotted here). Each rectangle shows on left, the height of the then record year, and the time it held the record. Datasets are listed below the graph.

There have been suggestions that records are a figment of adjustment processes. The TempLS plots shown are based on unadjusted GHCN and ERSST 4.

The plots are based on annual averages to date. For eg HADCRUT and Cowtan and Way, that means 2014 to November. Use the buttons to click through.


  • HadCRUT - HADCRUT 4 Land/Ocean
  • GISSlo - GISS Land/Ocean
  • NOAAlo - NOAA Land/Ocean
  • UAH5.6 - UAH Lower Troposphere
  • RSS.MSU - RSS Lower Troposphere
  • TempLSgrid - Land/Ocean
  • BESTlo - Land/Ocean
  • C.Wkrig - Cowtan and Way kriging Land/Ocean
  • TempLSmesh - Land/Ocean
  • BESTla - Land Only
  • GISS.Ts - Met stations
  • CRUTEM - Land Only
  • NOAAla - Land Only
  • HADSST3 - Sea Surface
  • NOAAsst - Sea Surface


  1. I've always wondered how many warmest years happened back to back. Too lazy to dig it out. They're there, and there are more than I would have thought. On to 2015. January heating up fast.

  2. A very interesting graphic that captures the rapid rise in the period between 1980 and 1998 and the slower, but consistent one since. Eliminating 1998 as an outlier would somewhat change the picture, but not that much