Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Woody Guthrie Award - Bart Verheggen

Last November, I was very pleased and flattered when ScienceofDoom chose Moyhu as the recipient of the Woody Guthrie award.

This award has an interesting history - it was initiated as a commendation of a "thinking blogger". The award was passed to SoD from Skeptical Science. I think both have been highly respected for their dedication to dispassionate analysis, and Moyhu has sought to live up to that.

I think Bart impressed all sides of the climate debate with his hosting of the very popular discussion on comparing temperature indices, which evolved into a debate about time series, unit roots and random walks. Strong views were expressed by well-informed commenters led by VS. Bart kept the discussion on track and constructive, with 2186 comments made. I think it is the best technical climate discussion I have seen.

But his blog isn't just technical - there is thoughtful, well-informed and inclusive discussion of policy as well. Bart always takes a broad view.

And there are brilliant cartoons as well.

I commend Bart's blog to readers, and I am very pleased to pass on the Award to him.

Here it is:


  1. An excellent choice, as have all the others been.

    Personally I have always been impressed by your ability to engage constructively with, and to earn the respect of, all sides - despite often quite severe provocation from the more rabid netizens. Bart brings similar qualities to the debate, and many congratulations to him.

  2. Welcome back Nick, and congratulations on holding the Woody Guthrie award. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Thanks, Willard, Andrew and Noel, for those comments.

    Noel, you might be interested in the blog of the originator of the award. There's a lot of observations around Perth, with historical anecdotes.

    I see your site has also been active - I look forward to catching up.

    Next post (soon) should be on Chladni patterns - reminiscent of Nick Trefethen. But first I'm trying to get Latex working here.

  4. Thanks a lot Nick!

    Working on a response...


  5. Kudos to Bart. No one is more deserving of this award. However, has anyone noticed the little Utah blog of Barry Bickmore? Here's a guy who lives in a State whose leaders believe in their souls that oil and natural gas are useful, relatively benign resources! And despite that (did I mention he's a Republican and Mormon?), he shoulders on - fighting for the survival of our planet. Maybe next year... If there were ever brothers in our struggle they were Joe Hill and Woody Guthrie. Joe hill was executed in Utah. Just keep it in mind - Barry Bickmore 2012.

    Oh God how I hope we are right about the CO2 thing! I want to rub denialists faces in the foamy surf of rising seas.

    Warm regards,

    Die Zauberflotist