Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Woody Guthrie Award - thanks, Science of Doom

A note to thank Science of Doom. I am very honoured that he has chosen this blog  as his successor,  with the privilege of passing on the Woody Guthrie Award. I was especially pleased because SoD's style of dispassionate informative blogging is what I have aspired to here. So thanks, Science of Doom. And thanks to readers, who keep this blog going.

I did a bit of googling to find the history of the award, which I have been aware of since it first came to Skeptical Science. I've been able to track it back a few generations, as far back as Ærchie's Archive, who passed it on to Honji's Harangues. From there it went to honestpoet at
Enough is Enough, and she nominated Greenfyre's.
This was an interesting change, from a succession of rather philosophical blogs to one with a science/climate focus.

Greenfyre's passed it to Dan's Wild Wild Science Journal, who then passed it to
Skeptical Science. They awarded it to Science of Doom and, well, here we are.

Unfortunately, I can't find a reference to the event on Ærchie's Archive, so I can't go back further. But the search took me to a lot of interesting blogs, of which Archie's is one. It's discursive, but with a focus on Perth landscapes and history. I like Perth a lot - I've lived there - and I think Archie gets it well. Currently active and recommended.

The award used to come with a little graphic;

which may have been more relevant in its earlier life cycle.

Anyway, it's now my job to pass it on. No need to rush there but thoughts would be welcome. Given its history, it seems ideas need not be restricted to the climate science community. I would have given a lot of thought to this excellent blog, but sadly, the owner retired a few months ago. I miss it.


  1. The award began its history on the archive. That is why it was never awarded to me.

    I am glad to see that old Woodie Guthrie guitar is still out there, stirring people.

  2. Oh, and thank you for the kind words about my blog.

  3. Archie,
    Thanks for filling in that bit of history. And reminding me of the Woody Guthrie lore associated with the motto, which I'd forgotten. And of course, originating the award.

    I really did like your blog. I have many good memories of Perth.

  4. I think a worthy successor could be http://www.badscience.net/

  5. I like Jonah Lehrer's Frontal Cortex blog which previously used to be at scienceblogs too, but is now at Wired Science.