Wednesday, November 25, 2015

GWPF Temperature Adjustments inquiry - no news.

Two months ago, I wrote about the inquiry announced by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. You know, the one fanfared in the Telegraph. "Top Scientists Start To Examine Fiddled Global Warming Figures"

The news then was that after receiving submissions on June 30, they decided that they wouldn't write a report re the terms of reference, but maybe some papers. They had however said that they would publish the submissions. So I thought I should look in every two months or so to see what has happened.

But this time, no news. Just the report of September 29, confirming intended inaction. I'll check again next year.


  1. Don't those dolts know they had to rush it for Paris?

  2. Nick, there is an element of theft of services to this. You did this work and submitted it to them based on their statements that it would be incorporated in a forthcoming publication. If they do nothing, then you have given them your product without compensation of any kind. They would likely have an out if they found none of the submissions (or yours in particular) suitable, but that apparently hasn't happened, or at least they haven't suggested it.

    I was a participant in the development of a proposal responsive to an RFP at a cost of tens of $ks for us and our German partners. The government agency which had issued the RFP received detailed proposals from three firms and then revealed that they didn't have the budget to do the thing and were not likely to get it in the near future. It seeped out that they also didn't have the funding, or staff, or prowess to develop a detailed estimate for the cost of the project in-house and thought they could get it inexpensively via an RFP.

    We were furious, but the German's even more so. They said that if this had been done in Germany, the act could have been prosecuted as theft of services.

    1. JF,
      I guess so, but for my part, I'm not aggrieved about that. It was a matter of putting stuff together, which is worth doing, and I can and have published it myself. The purpose was really to convince the panel that there was no issue here, and may be possible that it was successful. I'm just remarking on the contrast between the bombast of triumphalist headlines and the reality of no followup. If the panel does think there is nothing there, they should really make that known with a bit more prominence than just a cryptic note on a news page.

    2. "I was wrong" seems the least often uttered (written) phrase in the English language.

  3. Interesting!! What would happen if the global warming is not controlled after 20 years?

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