Sunday, October 12, 2014

GISS September 0.77°C, up by 0.08°C

This my first report in the new style, where I record details of both mesh-weighted and traditional grid-weighted TempLS, along with the latest GISS. It is part-mechanical, but I annotate. TempLS numbers on the latest data page are constantly updated, but the monthly reports here won't change.

So the headline is, a very warm month. I think in GISS at least, 2014 may well be a record year. TempLS mesh showed a similar rise; TempLS grid dropped slightly. I expect the mesh version to more closely follow GISS, and the grid version to continue tracking NOAA. My next post will probably be an updated explanation of TempLS.

I've given both TempLS maps below. You can see again that TempLS mesh is closer to GISS than grid.

Comparison of GISS and TempLS, Sun 12 Oct 2014

Anomaly °CAprMayJunJulAugSep
TempLS mesh0.6410.6690.580.4770.6270.673
TempLS grid0.6120.6070.580.5150.6150.598
Anomaly base years: GISS 1951-80, TempLS 1961-90.

Here is the GISS map

Here is the spherical harmonics based plot, mesh weighting

Here is the spherical harmonics based plot, grid weighting

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  1. Thanks Nick for keeping up with all of this. John N-G just might get the Nobel Prize.