Friday, July 11, 2014

TempLS global temp down 0.015°C in June

TempLS global land/ocean anomaly dipped very slightly in June; from 0.605°C to
0.59°C. That's still high. The May reading was slightly boosted by the late arriving China data. GISS is steady at 0.76°C, but I don't know if they have used the new data.

Again there are many (95) errors in the GHCN unadjusted file, detected by my new program which compares adjusted and unadjusted. No especially huge ones; Port Hardy for example is still getting its data from the frozen North, but even that is warming up a bit. The big problem area is Turkey, which seems to have an OK CLIMAT form, but GHCN has entered the April data. Still problems with Greenland.

Here is the spherical harmonics plot of temperature anomaly:

For once, no real cold spots, and not much very hot either.

Here is the map of the 4167 stations reporting:


  1. could satellite data be used to create an animated plot of daily temperatures for a whole year ?

    1. A problem with satellite data is that they orbit typically about 14 times a day seeing a slice each time. You can compile a monthly average from that, but on a daily scale it's patchy.

      Another issue is that they are measuring lower troposphere, which matches sirface variations reasonably on a multi-month scale, but not daily.

      I do show daily SST from satellite AVHRR here. You can make animations, but the areas of most interest have readymade animations here.

  2. Nick,
    always enjoy your sneak preview of the "official" temperature record. How well do you track with GISTemp? Do you have plots?

    1. Flak,
      Thanks. I did a review back in 2012 (it's time for another one). TempLS is closer to NOAA than GISS, which is reasonable, because there is more overlap between the datasets. You can track more recent correspondence with the active plot.

  3. Nick - Gistemp land and ocean data page indicates 62C for June, a pretty good dip.