Friday, May 17, 2013

Jaxa Arctic Sea Ice - active polar plot

It's the time of year for tracking ice. I have kept current plots and tables of Jaxa daily reports. This year, there will also be daily updated movies of high resolution Arctic SST, both last 50 days and full year.

But I wanted to update the plotting methods using some of Javascript active features. I've made a polar plot, where the ice extent is represented as distance from the centre, and time progresses by angle, just as with a clock. Various parts can be magnified. When it has settled, I'll include it in the current page.

Here is the plot. The current point is circled, and the centre picture is a magnification of that region. The years from 2002 to 2012 are shown in rainbow colors (legend bottom left), and 2013 in black. Things you can do are:
  • Click on each of the month sectors; the central picture will show a magnification of the history of that month
  • Click repeatedly on the current point circle; the picture will alternate magnifications of the current region
  • Click on the legend; the history of that year will show in a dark color
  • Click on the picture to make it go away.
Distances are shown with circles marked in 1000000 sq km units.


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