Thursday, February 14, 2013

January TempLS Global Temp up 0.15°C

I posted earlier about a delay due to a small hiatus in GHCN data posting. They have posted new data, so I have done the regular January analysis.

The temperature anomaly is up to 0.40°C, which is a rise of 0.15°C from the low December value. The satellite indices showed even steeper rises.

The warm areas in the plot below show up as NW N America (very cold in December), Central Asia, and Australia.

Below is the graph (lat/lon) of temperature distribution for January. I've also included a count and map of the stations that have reported to this date.

This spherical harmonics plot is done with the GISS colors and temperature intervals, and as usual I'll post a comparison when GISS comes out.

Here is the map of 3968 "stations" which contributed to this report. That's a much healthier number than the last few months.


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