Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steven Mosher's GHCN V3 R Package

It's now up at CRAN. You can find it here.

The Mac and Windows binaries are not there yet, but coming soon. But the reference manual, which is the only thing I have really looked at yet, is there.

I'll write more when I've been able to try it out (waiting for binaries). More information at Steven's blog.


  1. Thanks Nick, the path from here forward I hope will be a bit easier not that I understand how to build one of these things. The core functions are all there and I'll do some more demo code to show people how you work with raster.

    which binary do you want?

  2. opps, found a typo in the manual

  3. Here, I wentto this to see the great


  4. Steven,
    I'm mostly using R on Windows now

    Though I probably shoukd try the Linux version

  5. Windows version in zip is up.

    Got some manual corrections to make and a couple more functions and demo code. doing a package adds a lot to the work flow