Monday, November 24, 2014

Updates to latest data page

Blogger tells me that of the Moyhu pages, latest data is the most viewed. I'll be adding to it, so I thought I should improve the organization, and also the load time. I've also added my version of the reanalysis index for recent days and months.

It now has a table of contents and links. Tables are in frames with an "Enlarge" toggle button. I'm planning to add webGL plots (next post) for NCEP/NCAR (and maybe MERRA if I can get Carrick's ideas working) daily data. Again I have to not overburden download times.


  1. Nick, you're doing a lot of really good stuff. It may not seem like it, but I do learn a great deal here. I wish you could take over Wood for Trees, and get everything updating on a timely basis. HadCrut4 is always last to come in each month, but over there it has not updated since July.

  2. Thanks, JCH. There is a plan up put the climate plotter on automatic update (it's lagging now). Then monthly would be practical there too.

  3. Nick Stokes

    I'd be very grateful if you were to bring Climate Plotter up to date. It's a cracking visualisation tool and there's nothing else like it. I use it a fair bit for illustrative purposes and would use it more if it had even more data (NODC OHC 0 - 2000m :-) and monthly updated GAT would be wonderful...). Give the Plotter some love. It deserves it!

    1. BBD,
      Thanks, a very timely comment. My latest post tries to do the same with monthly data. The problem with the plotter was that I didn't have an automatic update system. Manually updating every year is a pain because a lot of things change over that time. Stuff moves, formats change etc. But there are more tools now too,