Thursday, July 28, 2011

CRUTEM3 stations in Google Earth

I've made KML files for the CRUTEM3 stations. They are on the document store as If you just extract the files, you'll find two kml files - crutem_all.kml and crutem_recent.kml. The first shows all stations that have reported since 1900, and the second stations that have reported since 2000.

They show up as yellow pushpins - the size indicates the total years in the record. CRUTEM3 stations have longer durations than GHCN - so the largest size is over 90 years, and the smallest under 50. There are, in the inventory, 1943 stations over 90 years, 1198 under 50, out of a total of 5112. This is the count of lines in the record - it overstates the length because there are some years entered in the file with no data. (Update - it seems I was wrong about that - it's not overstated).

If you click on a station a flag pops up with a few more details. Here is a sample view of stations that have reported since 2000:


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