Sunday, July 17, 2011

NOAA for June - up from .497 to .579

The NOAA June global surface temperature anomaly is out now - up from 0.497°C to 0.579°C. That's quite high.

I don't normally post for each monthly temp, but I wanred to mention this one, because it's the first new monthly reading since I put up the monitoring post. And yes, it shows up in bold as I hoped it would. I'll try for colors next.

I was also watching carefully because I'm about to post a new version of TempLS (V2.2) which among other things will allow TempLS to produce real-time readings, probably quicker than NOAA. But for that I have to use ERSST data, which is prompter that HADSST2. I'm less familiar with it, and I'm finding a big dip around 2006. There was a changeover then in using satellite data. Anyway more recent output seems OK. So I'll check a bit more, but if I haven't made a mistake (that I can find) I'll probably post tomorrow.