Friday, December 29, 2017

Upgrading Moyhu infrastructure

I have spent part of the holidays tinkering with Moyhu's infrastructure. I keep copies of all posts and pages offline, partly for backup, and partly so I can search them and also make universal changes. This was of great value when Blogger required use of https a couple of years ago.

I was trying to revive the graphics gallery page, which never really recovered from that change, since it used copies of posts, which also need fixing. But I got side-tracked into upgrading the interactive topic index. I don't think readers use it much, but I do. Google provides a search for the blog, but it returns a display of complete posts, so needs precise search terms. The interactive search just returns a list of linked titles, so you get a wider sweep (maybe too wide).

The new index looks like this (non-functional image):

I had clicked on the Marcott button, and the list of links (with dates) appears below. The topics have been extended, and groups in to color-coded types. The types are listed on the left. I have extended the topics considerably. They mostly work by a keyword search, so you get some false positives. I added some at the end (housekeeping, debunkings) which don't have natural keywords, and were manually identified. And I have separated out the three series of monthly postings that I do (NCEP/NCAR, TempLS and GISS). It makes them easier to find, but because I exclude he keyword search for them, it reduces the false positives.

The new arrangement should be much easier to update regularly.

I have also added a blog glossary. We're used to tossing around terms like CRUTEM, but not everyone is, so I have given a basic description (with links). I have added it to the bottom page , now called "More pages, and blog glossary". The more pages part is just a few lines of links at the top, and then comes the glossary. I'm sure it will need extending - suggestions welcome.

That was my New Year's resolution for 2017 :)


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