Sunday, August 14, 2016

Surface TempLS down 0.02°C in July

The July report is late because I have been away. But the automated reporting continued, and I'll just note some of that here. TempLS mesh was down from 0.688°C in June to 0.667°C in July (base 1961-90). This continues the moration of the post El Nino decline. TempLS grid actually rose slightly. These results are consistent with the NCEP/NCAR index (up 0.04°C). The satellite measures varied; UAH6 Lt was up 0.05°C, but RSS virtually unchanged.

The spherical harmonics map is here:

The regional temperature variations are similar to those in the NCEP/NCAR report. Nothing spectacular, but warm in N Russia, Brazil. Antarctica was cold, but sea surfaces overall warmer than June.

As mentioned, I'm back now, and fixing the issues that stopped various data being posted. The basic problem was that UAH changed its URLs this month. Normally that would just have returned an error, which the system could handle, but here UAH returned a small HTML file pointing to the new address. Unfortunately, my system returned that as data, which caused flow-on problems, even stopping my NCEP/NCAR program. My thanks to Walter Dnes, who supplied his own NCEP/NCAR numbers in comments, which filled the gap. I think everything should be fixed now.


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