Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Maintained WebGL map of past GHCN/SST station anomaliess

I have a maintained page here which shows anomalies for individual land stations and SST cells, averaged over each month. Land data comes from GHCN V3 unadjusted, and SST from ERSST, formerly ver 3b. It is a shaded color map, with true color for each station, and linear interpolated color in between. I think it's the best way of seeing the raw data.

Now that I am doing daily runs of TempLS mesh, and this produces much of the necessary data, I have decided to make production of these maps a subsidiary process. This saves duplication, and keeps up to date with versions (using now ERSST 4). But what may be more useful is the daily updating. That means that the latest month can be tracked progressively as data comes in. So today, I am waiting on data from Canada and some Latin American countries before posting the TempLS result for June. But you can see it here, and it shows how TempLS calculates its interim result with interpolation. Of course, you could wait till tomorrow when Canada will probably be in.

I have also extended the range back to 1900. You can examine any month in detail. I haven't yet done the annual and decade averages back beyond 1990, but soon.

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  1. "Of course, you could wait till tomorrow when Canada will probably be in. "
    Curious holdup there. There is Canada data on the GHCN file, but most is duplicated from May, and so rejected by the flag scheme. The CLIMAT file on OGIMET does not seem to have this fault, so this should be sorted soon.