Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TempLS global temp up 0.1°C in August

TempLS rose in August; from 0.515°C (July) to 0.613°C. This largely reflects the strong rise in SST. It's often forgotten that a land/ocean index is mostly SST. Anyway, TempLS is back up to about where it was in May. The tropospheric indices went down by a little over 0.1°C.

Here is the spherical harmonics plot:

Warm in MidEast and W Russia, and in Sahara. Not very cold anywhere. 4225 stations reported. I'm not sure what happened to the map - it came out as a polar projection. Anyway, here it is:


  1. Hmm, 2014 still looking pretty warm. I note that your map shows S. England as a (relatively) cold spot, which is indeed what was the case: about 1 degree C below the 1980-2010 average, i.e. cold but not unusually so.

    1. Yes. People often say - well, it's only a fraction of a degree different - how would you even notice. But you do.