Saturday, May 12, 2012

April GISS Temp up 0.1°C

TempLS showed a rise in global mean anomaly in April, 2012, from 0.32 °C to 0.52 °C. GISS showed a smaller rise, from 0.46 °C to 0.56 °C. This is the second month in which TempLS substantially exceeded GISS. The satellite indices showed rises comparable with TempLS. Time series graphs are shown here

As usual, I compared the previously posted TempLS distribution to the GISS plot.

Here is GISS:

And here is the previous TempLS spherical harmonics plot:


Previous Months


More data and plots


  1. Interesting - GISS seems to have more hot spots than yours, but also has that big cold area in Antarctica that's missing in TempLS - do you think that's the source of the difference in trends?

  2. Arthur,
    For historic (not very good, but to do with projection distoretion) reasons I cut off the flat plot at Lat 50S. But the spherical projection shows Antarctica very well. Just go to the yellow rectangles top left and click the bottom one to bring up the S pole view. There is a cold spot at Antarctica.

    The spherical harmonics I use do a lot more smoothing than GISS, so some detail is missing. Some of that is noise, but probably not all. They also smooth within the hot spots, so the peaks don't go as high.


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