Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interactive climate plotting news.

A few items of news about the interactive climate plotter. Kevin Cowtan, in comments, mentioned that he has been working on a trend plotter for Skeptical Science, and that has now appeared. It emphasises the uncertainties of both trend and intercept, and shows graphically the range of fitted lines. He uses Tamino's near-AR(2) allowance for autocorrelation, which is an advance on the Quenouille adjustment that I used in the trend viewer. The Moyhu climate plotter is restricted to annual data, and so reports much lower significance (though little affected by autocorrelation).

He also has a post here on Hadcrut3, with an emphasis on land/ocean balance (or imbalance) as a source of bias.

The other news is that I've added some new things to the interactive plotter. You can now copy a rather long URL for linking. This will bring up the plotter in the state which you last created.

You can also embellish the plot with a legend and title. There is a current rather bland default title, but you can write your own.

I have also added the interactive plotter and the trend viewer to the permanent pages listed near top right. At some stage I'll reorganise the gallery.


  1. Maybe run the long URL through

    1. It's quite compressed already. The URL has to have the full state info - about 6 numbers for each curve, plus title info etc. That's why it is long, and I don't think tinyURL could fix that.

    2. Not a problem:)

      BTW there are other sites that provide the same service, it's just that Eli uses this one for historical reasons

    3. Eli,
      Yes, I hadn't thought about how tinyURL would do it, but I can see now. However, there's still a problem.

      I update the string with every state change - basically every user click. I couldn't update a tinyURL ref that often. So I'd have to provide a button for users to click when they wanted to copy the link, and I think there are getting to be rather a lot of buttons.

      The string can be long, but whether it's that or tinyURL, I think in practice it will just be copy/pasted.