Sunday, January 3, 2016

NCEP/NCAR December, up by 0.108°C - highest anomaly in record (again).

The Moyhu NCEP/NCAR index for December was 0.621°C, up from November's 0.513°C, and ahead of the previous record - October 2015 at 0.567°C, which itself was a big jump on the previous record. It was an eventful month, with another extraordinary peak early, then mid-month the steepest plunge in recent years (but only to values which would have been high a few months ago) and then back to hot at the end.

There were some late data troubles - a data pause from NCEP for three days, and at my end, I have some end of year issues to fix. But they don't affect the results posted.

Adjusted to the 1951-1980 baseline of GISS, that would give a month anomaly of 1.18°C. The current record there is October at 1.06°C. I would expect that GISS might be a bit lower than 1.18, but still the hottest month in the record. Which makes 2015 even more securely the hottest year.


  1. Don't look now, but January 2016 is not exactly not swelterin' itself.

  2. If I've done the numbers right, December was a whopping 0.35C warmer than the previous NCEP December record set in 2006.


  3. JMA has announced a preliminary value for the whole year 2015, 0.40 C, up 0.13 from the previous record year 2014

  4. the JMA value does not include December so the final result might be higher