Wednesday, June 11, 2014

TempLS global temp down 0.14°C in May

TempLS dipped in May; from 0.609°C to
0.471°C. RSS went up a little; UAH from 0.19°C to 0.33°C.

Update: There were problems with the GHCN unadjusted (QCU) dataset. When those are fixed (as best possible for now) there isn't much change at all.

This time there were no new obviously bad readings in GHCNm, though previous ones remain. Here is the spherical harmonics plot:

The main features were very cold in N China, and very warm around Iran.

Here is the map of the 4217 stations reporting:


  1. Nick, TempLS, if it's the only on that goes down in May, may become the darling of skeptics! RSS up. UAH up.

    1. We'll see what happens next. The surface indices shot up in March, and we're getting very warm. Maybe time for a "pause" :)

    2. We'll see Nick. I noted on WfTs that the May PDO shot off to the moon, so the PNW is much hotter than it was in April. I think goes up a bit.

  2. Replies
    1. JCH, Thanks, I ran the update program and it shows on the "latest" page. Up from 0.73 to 0.76 (getting high). I'll post soon.
      The recalc also uses latest GHCN data for TempLS - still much the same.

  3. I suspected something was amiss. I don't have math; just stick my finger up in the air. I would settle for 76, but I was thinking closer to 80.