Saturday, October 22, 2011

A KMZ file for the BEST stations

Update - the latest post points to a more comprehensive KMZ file
In the BEST text data zip (warning - 200 Mb), there is a listing of 36736 stations in the file site_detail.txt. I've made a KMZ file (1300 Kb), which is in the file repository under the name "best.kmz". If you download it and click on it, it will bring up Google Earth (if you have it installed) with all the stations marked with yellow pushpins.

If you click on a pushpin, a balloon will pop up with some minimal data (Name,ID's, Altitude, Lat/Lon). Later if I get some analysis done, I'll produce versions with folders, colors and more info. Here's a GE snapshot:


  1. Thanks, Nick. Wow, that was quick!

    Cheers -- Pete Tillman

  2. Thanks, Pete, I have this fairly automated now. I've got together the data for GHCN, GSOD and CRUTEM3 as well for the latest.