Regional Hi-Res SST movies.

SST regional movies

As described here, I have made a collection of high resolution (1/4 degree) OISST sea surface temperature data provided by NOAA/NCDC. The display is interactive, and you can select and run movie-like sequences on the whole globe.

I have also made a collection of animations of SST variation in regions of special interest. There are time sequences of 50-100 frames, stepping through a year, say, at 4-day intervals. They are shown below. There are also longer sequences at 1 and 2 day separation, which show at 5 frames per sec rather than two. Since these are not very much larger files, I'll make more of them.

In particular there are sequences of various periods to present, at 1, 2 and 4 day intervals. I will maintain some of these, so you will be able to see in detail how ENSO motions in the E Pacific, in particular, have been developing. Maintained files show as red in the selection menu.

You can select type of animation and region from the select boxes on the right of the viewer. The names incorporate a code - the first letter (E=ENSO, A=Arctic, S=S Polar, N=N Atlantic) is the region, then the time step in days, then the number of frames, then the end year.

I think that something useful should appear in Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari. The first two work best - they support the HTML5 video element with OGG format, which I use. This provides controls and easy source switches. Safari and IE are supposed to work with HTML5 and mp4, and I tried that. But Safari doesn't support reloading, and IE was just difficult. So I've set up a swf alternative. It loops without controls, and when you switch videos, it builds a new player object, so there is a bit of a gap while that happens. You can get a control menu by right-clicking, but it's clunky.

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