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Links to more, useful pages

There are several useful pages not listed on the front page. There are also past posts that have Javascript gadgets of ongoing utility. This page has tables of links to them.

More pages

A climate blog index I once collected RSS information on posts and comments on climate blogs, to order them invarious ways. The information is not being updated.
Ocean acidification equilibrium calculator Allows you to visualize the effects on chemical equilibrium of changing various constituents in ocean acid-base equilibria (including CO2. Links results to a Bjerrum plot.
Generic WebGL grid plotting Lets you submit lat/lon grid information, and produces an interactive trackball globe shaded map of that information.

Other past posts with useful gadgets

BoM Metadata assistantLets you find metadata for BoM stations
Google Maps display of GHCN adjustmentsShow station adjustments in GHCN, with selection and color options

Gadget for Unicode

Lets you look up and write formulae in Unicode, which will work for blog comments.


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