Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Maintained table of global temperatures listed in order for each calendar month.

I currently post automatically updated monthly temperatures in various forms on a Moyhu page. In fact, I keep the updated database of various major sources as a CSV file here:
It is the record as it stood in that month; just make the obvious changes to the date in the URL to get other months.

One of my tasks in posting the monthly temperatures is to look up where that month stood in the ranking of months. I have now made a maintained table which shows temperatures in ranked order (top 10) for each calendar month, for TempLS and various other sources (scroll down). It also shows the annual average (to date, for the current year). Columns contain a two digit number of the year, and then the anomaly average, in whatever anomaly base is used by the source. TempLS is 1961-90.


  1. This is a really cool feature!

  2. This is very useful. Thanks!

  3. Hi Nick, Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the work that you do here. You are not a lone voice crying in the wilderness. You are an inspiration to many people. Please keep it up. I will always appreciate and use your work.

    Rgs, David (aka 'the final nail', lol!)

    1. Thanks David and bdg. I do enjoy battling along with you at WUWT.

    2. Sorry I've not been helping out in recent months but I really appreciate the effort you guys continue to put in. Tony, aka Loydo.

  4. Yes, excellent addition to the site, Nick. Thanks especially for including annual numbers at the far right of each table. In addition to making the annual numbers easily accessible, it also makes it easy to track the current year-to-date numbers in comparison to the annual numbers. Good job!