Wednesday, November 3, 2021

NCEP/NCAR global temperature index up 0.064°C in October

I no longer post regular reports on my NCEP/NCAR reanalysis index, but since Moyhu is in catch up mode, it seems a good time to note the significant rise that has happened in the three months that I have been away:

This is more marked than what is shown by the surface measures, and makes October comparable with the warm months of 2020.

I should also note that, possibly since Feb 2020 (leap year), there has been an error in the dating of my published results here; the dates shown were a day behind. The fault sometimes became obvious as when July 1 became June 31. Anyway I think it is fixed now.

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  1. Surprisingly warm. The ONI rose to - 0.4 C during June and July, 2021, otherwise October would have marked the 15th straight month of La NiƱa.