Saturday, February 3, 2018

Housekeeping post.

A couple of housekeeping issues. One is an apparent problem with Blogger. I have posted the January results for NCEP/NCAR, but they don't show on the actual blog page, or in the archive. The post does have a place on the web here">, but you can't get to it in the normal way, and it hasn't generated the usual RSS notifications. It may be that Blogger is working on this, because for some time I could see and edit the post on the dashboard where all posts are listed, but now it has disappeared.

I'm posting this partly as an experiment, to see if it suffers the same fate.
Update - it worked. I'll try reposting the earlier post.

The other happening, which I have been spending a bit of time on recently, is the HiREs SST page, and it's consequent movie page. This stopped updating at end 2017. End year glitches in my automated system are not uncommon, but this turned out to be at source. NOAA has reorganised its system, using NetCDF 4 and different directories. They also have a new data set which I'll look at. But anyway, the program is over five years old now, and a bit slow, so I tried to improve. That is never smooth, but I think it is OK now.


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