Thursday, June 9, 2016

HTTPS now default on Moyhu

hoping it works. Please let me know of any problems in comments. You'll see the URL come up automatically as https:. I've taken the opportunity to reorganise the blog resources ( images, scripts), and there are many ways this could have gone astray. But I'd especially like to hear of HTTPS security warnings. I think everything, including past posts, should be HTTPS OK, but lapses are certainly possible.

As I've mentioned in previous posts here and here, I think HTTPS for blogs is nothing but a nuisance, but likely inevitable. So I thought I should retrieve something by using the needed search for HTTPS changes to change other things needed - eg images served from now uneliable sources (copied to better places). Old posts may work better now.

Also, of course, I can still at this stage turn the switch back .


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