Monday, November 23, 2015

Using NOMADS data - movies

I've cracked the system for efficiently using NOMADS data. I'm using an R package rNOMADS. It's a system where you can quiz and selectively download a large set of gridded data. It gives me access to many new resources for high frequency data, including reanalysis.

Anyway, as a first experiment, I downloaded GFS 0.5° surface relative humidity data ("gfs_0p50","rh2m"). This data is prepared for the forecast system, and held for about 12 days. So here we have a movie of the data from 11th to 23rd November, at 6 hour intervals. This is all experimental; the movie is ogg, so should show on Firefox and Chrome, but probably not on IE or Safari. Update - I've made an alternative mp4 version, which works in Safari at least. It has the usual controls - you may need to pass the mouse pointer below the picture to make them show. Blue is high humidity, red dry. A color key will appear at some stage.


  1. Nick---interesting work, but I'm not seeing a video?

    I'm using Safari on a Mac if that helps.

    1. Carrick,
      Yes, as I said in the post, Safari doesn't acknowledge ogg. It works in Chrome or Firefox. I'm working on a more elaborate post with better display options. Actually, I did make a swf version, but I couldn't get Safari to show it properly. Its here; Safari should show it, but maybe without controls.

    2. Alas, that doesn't work on Safari on my PC. Might on Mac.

      You can get an Ogg plugin for Mac here. Might be useful in future.

    3. Works on my Mac with Firefox, but not with Safari.

    4. I've fixed it, I think. I made a mp4 version which Safari accepts.

    5. Thanks Nick. It works fine on my computer now.

      Sorry that I missed the part about Ogg. I'll download the Ogg pluggin as you suggested.