Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February GISS up 0.04°C

late news, but I've already posted twice on February temp. This is the regular post comparing GISS with TempLS.

GISS rose from 0.75°C in Jan to 0.79°C as predicted by Olof and JCH. TempLS also rose by a small amount. Troposphere measures showed a small decline.

Here is the GISS map. As with TempLS, very strong features - Russia and N Europe warm, East N America cold, and the West warm. Also a warm spot in Sudan - I had thought it might be a TempLS artefact.

And here is the corresponding TempLS map, as on St Patrick's Day:


  1. Nick's March to date has been dropping slightly, .311 to .309, and has 6 more days to go. Definitely some cooler days coming. Will it drop below February's .271? Seems unlikely. Might stand a shot at being in the top three warmest 1st 1/4s in the GISS record.

    1. Yes, I think it's quite likely to be as warm or warmer than February.

  2. That would make the 1st 1/4 of 2015 at least .777C, .104 above the least likely most likely warmest year: 2014. And there is no end to the warming in sight until the end of July, at the earliest. How high can it go in one year? Could we see the anomaly for 2015 above .873C? Lol. I would do a solo stadium wave for that.