Sunday, July 27, 2014

Portal for Australian BoM AWS stations

This is another in a series of portals - lists of links designed to make datasets more easily accessed. I'm planning a master list to put up as a permanent page.

The Bureau of Meteorology has an extensive network of Australian AWS stations that report mostly every half hour. The current data covers about three days, and is arranged by states. Here is Victoria; on the top bar are links to the other state lists. These data are also aggregated as daily data, by the month. The files can be accessed from the current data, but there are quite a few steps. The data is of course unadjusted, and files for the last twelve or so months are displayed.

The portal gives a direct link for each station to the "latest" file, which is the daily data for the current month. At the bottom of the table there are links to the earlier months, and also to climate averages and extremes.

The table is arranged by states, and is searchable (Ctrl-F).


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