Monday, October 21, 2013

TempLS global temp up 0.01°C in September

GHCN now seems to be OK after the shutdown. There was a tiny increase from August (0.49°C) to September (0.504°C). UAH seems to be the only other index reporting to date - it showed a much larger increase.

Here is the spherical harmonics plot of the temperature distribution:

Warm spots in Canada and Australia; cold in Siberia and E Europe..

And here is the map of stations reporting:


  1. Do you make all your plots with javascript?
    (I am a recent convert to Python but haven't played with javascript)

    Also what are all those stations in the sea?

    1. SCM.
      These plots are made with R. Javascript is good for anything dynamic or interactive, but to draw a plot you have to use it with something like a HTML 5 canvas. That's what I do with the climate plotter.

      The stations in the sea are my way of handling the ERSST data. This comes on a 5x5° grid, and I create an artificial station at the centre of each grid.

      Javascript is great for whaat it does, and it has a C-like syntax. You can get good online info and manual here.

    2. Thanks for that - C/C++ is my 'mother tongue' so I'll have to check it Javascript out,