Monday, October 28, 2013

New page - climate blog index

I described here an experiment I tried in July (when Google Reader faded). I selected about a dozen popular climate blogs, for which I regularly looked at the RSS files (every two hours). They aren't all blogs that I agree with, but they are ones at which I sometimes comment.

A database of posts and comments has accumulated, and I've done some organising to make that accessible without a huge initial download. So I've scrubbed it up and promoted it to a page, visible upper right.

It's just a table of blog names, thread titles, dates and authors (comments and posts). The dates are linked to the source. You can order by each column, or you can subset by each of those properties (in combination, if you want). You can, for example, put up a linked list of all your own comments on those sites over a time period.

It starts with just the current and previous month. But you can vary the time range (more data =slower). More details are at the page.


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