Friday, December 13, 2019

November global surface temperatures delayed.

The usual TempLS calculation of global temperature is awaiting new posting of GHCN V4 surface land data from NOAA. The last update was on 7 December, although even that seemed to be the same as the day before.

The data is currently missing China, Kazakhstan and Mexico. FWIW it shows a drop from October of about 0.06°C. I'll post as soon as new data appears. I usually wait until we have 12000 or more stations (including SST) - currently 10284.


  1. It's NOAA holding the data back to stop you gazumping them for the monthly report again ;)

    In other news the NCEP renalysis daily anomaly appears to have hit highest since early 2016. Going to be a close run thing for a record 2020.

    1. Ah, well, they updated just a little while ago (at an unusual time of day). I've posted the new calc.
      Yes, December is exceptionally warm so far. It's getting pretty hot in Australia too.

    2. Has NCEP/NCAR stopped updating? It's just a few days behind, so maybe too early for me to be asking, but with the massive warm spike there, everyone is wondering what's happened since 10 Dec.

  2. Yes, they are behind. The directory is here; last update 12/12.