Saturday, April 15, 2017

GISS March up by 0.02°C, now 1.12°C!

As Olof noted, GISS has posted on March temperature. It was 1.12°C, up by 0.02°C from February. That rise is close to the 0.03°C shown by TempLS mesh. It makes March also a very warm month indeed. It's the second warmest March in the record - Mar 2016 was near the peak of the El Nino. And it exceeds any month before 2016.

Here is the cumulative average plot for recent warm years. Although 2016 was much warmer at the start, the average for 2017 so far is 0.06°C higher than for all 2016.

I'll show the globe plot below the jump. It shows the huge warmth in Siberia, and most of N America except NW. And also Australia - yes, it has been a very warm autumn here so far (mostly). GISS escaped the China glitch.

Here is the GISS plot:

And here is the corresponding TempLS plot


  1. So there are some pretty cold temps in days ahead in the April forecast. April would have to drop below .80 ℃ to drag 2017 back to 2nd place... below Nick's green line.

  2. I think BEST l/o has the most impressive start so far. Year to date average including March is 1.07 C, being 0.13 C above the 2016 annual average

    1. Yeah, the "missing cold" is mucking up the Red team's roll out of their Low Climate Sensitivity campaign.