Thursday, January 19, 2017

GISS and NOAA both find that 2016 was hottest year recorded.

GISS and NOAA have jointly released their 2016 results. GISS's press release is here. NOAA's is here. I'll analyse the December results in a separate post, but for the moment, I'll just post the cumulative record plots:


A fuller set of records for various indices is here, along with a discussion of UAH. The discussion of TempLS is here. Every index so far has reported a record year, and I expect the rest to do so. BEST also reported a record; BEST's report is here, and here is their cumulative record plot:

Update: Hot Whopper has more details.

Update. I see that HADCRUT 4 is out too, and they also had a record year, by a small margin. Here is their plot:

The complete set of these plots shown here is now fairly filled with complete data.


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