Tuesday, May 31, 2016

BoM metadata assistant

I have come across a very useful resource at Australia's Bureau of Meteorology. If you go looking at station data (like this), there is a link to "Additional site information", and then to a "basic site summary". And tyhis has all sorts of metadata, including history of measurements taken, detailed maps of the site, including a skyline diagram, and a history of instrument changes. It is very useful in the context of the arguments about places like Amberley and Rutherglen.

But it is a bit awkward to access through this chain of links. So I have added it to the portals page. This has a row of buttons at the top that you can use for different data sets, and I have added one for "BoM Metadata". It brings up page arranged by states; it is the same set and format as for the ASN part of the GHCNDaily page. When you ask for the state (WA shows initially), it shows a list of Place names and links. The link leads to the metadata for that place, in a separate tab.

Many of the stations don't have temperature data at all. Generally those that do will be marked by dates for the duration of the record, so look out for these. I don't guarantee that you will find useful information for any link, or even any information at all. But the main stations have good information. Try it! I'll place a copy blow the jump.


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