Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Temperature tracking issues

I'm late posting on temperature this month. But it isn't for lack of attention. Odd things are happening. GHCN hasn't updated since 5 February. One can get a good estimate on the first few days, but it will be subject to correction when more data comes in.

The other oddity is that GISS, which has been having server trouble, won't respond to my script query for the monthly global average. I can see it. And it has updated for December, but not January. My monitoring page doesn't show their December figure. I could intervene manually, but I'm reluctant to. I also don't intervene to manually put in the UAH numbers which Roy Spencer announces - I wait till the script can see them.

Anyway, the very early result is that TempLS is up a lot, from 0.25°C in December to 0.4°C in January. That's still not back to the November level. Here's the very early (in data) plot:


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