Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hadcrut is in - final temperature summary for 2010

Hadcrut reported a 0.251°C mean NH/SH anomaly for December, down from 0.455°C in Nov. As expected, that leaves 2010 well behind 1998 in Hadcrut's record (about 0.1°C less).

So in summary, the indices that had 1998 as hottest (Hadcrut, UAH, MSU) keep it there (UAH was close). Those that had 2005 as hottest (GISS, NOAA) say 2010 was about the same.

I guess I'll run a tracking plot for 2010, but won't start until a few months into the year. I normally update it on this post, but since it's the final for 2010, I'll show it below:


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