Monday, October 10, 2022

September global surface TempLS down 0.061°C from August.

The TempLS FEM anomaly (1961-90 base) was 0.728°C in September, down from 0.789°C in August. The NCEP/NCAR reanalysis base index rose by 0.156°C, an unusually large discrepancy.

The main feature is a band of cold from E Europe through N Siberia, with just below a band of warmth from the Mediterranean through N of China. N America was mostly warm. Still cool in the tropical E Pacific.

Here is the temperature map, using now the FEM-based map of anomalies.

As always, the 3D globe map gives better detail. There are more graphs and a station map in the ongoing report which is updated daily.

This post is part of a series that has now run since 2011. The TempLS mesh data is reported here, and the recent history of monthly readings is here. Unadjusted GHCN is normally used, but if you click the TempLS button there, it will show data with adjusted, and also with different integration methods. There is an interactive graph using 1981-2010 base period here which you can use to show different periods, or compare with other indices. There is a general guide to TempLS here.

The reporting cycle starts with a report of the daily reanalysis index on about the 4th of the month. The next post is this, the TempLS report, usually about the 8th. Then when the GISS result comes out, usually about the 15th, I discuss it and compare with TempLS. The TempLS graph uses a spherical harmonics to the TempLS mesh residuals; the residuals are displayed more directly using a triangular grid in a better resolved WebGL plot here.

A list of earlier monthly reports of each series in date order is here:

  1. NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis report
  2. TempLS report
  3. GISS report and comparison with TempLS


  1. Hello, NIck,

    It's Bill Hartree here: we met in Lisbon almost exactly 12 years ago in a purported attempt at "reconciliation" in the Climate Change "debate", which promptly went into well deserved obscurity, despite a series of lengthy posts in its aftermath by Judith Curry. I enjoy coming over to your site to keep an eye on the rich data you present. It seems to me that the "Climate Wars" have subsided greatly since the period either side of the Climategate "hack" that caused so much excitement among the climate change "sceptics". Do you still challenge the likes of WUWT and similar blogs? I kept being censored by wuwt, specifically, I would post something, get a message that my comment was "in moderation", then it would appear in the comments a couple of days later, by which time the circus had moved on. Somehow, you didn't seem to get that treatment!

    Best wishes, Bill

    1. Hi Bill,
      Yes, I remember Lisbon well, and also our interactions in later years. Yes, the "Wars" have subsided, as I think blogging has generally waned. I don't think the "reconciliation" had much to do with it. I do still argue at WUWT. But I think the readership has declined a lot. They now require registration, which deters a lot of critical comment, but it does have the merit that if you do take the trouble toi do it, things generally go more smoothly. In fact I think part of the reason for their doldrums is that threads that are just an echo chamber are boring, and get few readers.