Thursday, January 21, 2016

GISS and TempLS compared, in December and in 2015.

In my previous post, I noted the record levels reached in both the NOAA and GISS indices in December, and for 2015. In the NOAA report they note that December 2015 exceeded any earlier December by 0.29°C.

In this post, I'll present my usual map comparison between GISS and TempLS mesh in December. But I'll also expand on the continued close association between GISS and TempLS mesh, on one hand, and NOAA and TempLS grid on the other. The plot below shows those timeseries for 2015:

There is a deviation in the first three months, where both GISS and NOAA drifted away. I wonder if it is a concidence that these were the last months before introduction of ERSST4. But otherwise, the pairing, and close tracking of the pairs is very evident.

Here is the GISS plot of anomalies:

And here is the corresponding TempLS mesh map, using spherical harmonics:

Both show the same pattern of widespread warmth. If you want graphics detail on the station temperatures, it's in this WebGL map.

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