Monday, April 22, 2013

Active viewer for the Pages2K proxies

This viewer is similar to that for the Marcott proxies. It covers the very well presented online data for the new Nature Geosciences paper Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia.

Darren Kaufman has a post on this paper at Real Climate. There are several posts at Climate Audit

Because of the large number of proxies, there are now several different key tables. Each starts with continental regions in black, and you can click on any of these to move to that selection. It may take a few seconds for the new key to appear. Then you can click on any proxy to superimpose a black plot on the background spaghetti plot for that region. The metadata from the online data will show top right, and the location on the map.
The spaghetti plot shows the proxies smoothed with a 21-year moving average filter, and normalized to mean zero, standard deviation 1, over their respective periods. When you select a proxy, it shows the curve in black similarly smoothed and scaled, but the y axis is marked in the appropriate unit. Also shown is the unsmoothed plot in a grey transparent color. Low resolution data has been linearly interpolated.

The swap button allows a blink comparison between the last two proxies selected. These can be from different regions.

Update. I have added a search facility. Above the map there is a text box and a search button. You can enter any text (like "d18"), click the button, and little arrow marks will appear beside each proxy which has that phrase in the metadata. So you can search for types, authors etc. The arrows are cleared before each search, so if you want them to go away, do an unsuccessful search.

It actually searches the underlying HTML, which may give a false positive.


  1. So, are you going to run these through TempLS?

  2. I can't as it stands, because they aren't calibrated as temperature.